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ICTAS Building Orientation (required)

ICTAS Building Orientation is a one-time-only session required for anyone with access to the ICTAS facilities. This session serves to introduce occupants to ICTAS building policies and procedures, as well as introduce some of the ICTAS staff. View Presentation.

EHS Chemical Safety Training (required)

All employees in a laboratory containing any chemicals are required to review part B of the Chemical Hygiene Plan, and must be trained on the specific hazards of their work environment. At the time any employee is introduced to new hazards or new protocols in the laboratory they must receive safety training and operational training. This training focuses on safety issues in the research environment. More here. 

EHS Bloodborne Pathogens Training (dependent upon research)

Anyone with potential for occupational exposure to potentially infectious material must attend Bloodborne Pathogens training annually. Potentially infectious material may include human or animal blood, tissue, organs, or bodily fluids. More here. 

EHS Laser Safety training (dependent upon research)

Anyone working with Class 3 or Class 4 lasers must attend a one-time-only Laser Safety training. A baseline eye exam will also be provided. More here.

EHS Machine Shop Safety training (for users of the Fabrication Lab)

Anyone requesting to use the Fabrication Lab equipment must receive training on the following topics:

  • Shop guidelines such as housekeeping and access,
  • Shop hazards and methods of controlling exposure,
  • Machine-specific operating guidelines and safety features,
  • Use and care of prescribed personal protective equipment.

For more information, see the training website or view the manual.

EHS First Aid training (highly recommended; required for Fabrication Lab)

First Aid/CPR/AED training provides awareness in medical emergencies and is required for all Lab Coordinators for the Fabrication Lab, but is highly recommended for anyone. For more information, see the training website or view the manual.

EHS Fire Extinguisher training (recommended)

It is recommended that personnel who may need to use fire extinguishers, such as laboratory personnel, attend this training. More here. 

EHS Compressed Gas Cylinders training (recommended)

Compressed Gas Cylinder training demonstrates safe handling, storage, and use of compressed gases. It is recommended that any persons working with compressed gases complete this training. More here.