Building Access Request

Faculty members and/or supervisors should initiate access requests for the students, staff and other users in their labs. This will be done via the university’s Google Apps account and is more fully described below.

NOTE: ONLY faculty members (or designated lab managers) are allowed to submit access requests.

This process gives faculty more control over who has access to their labs and streamlines notifications. This process also:

  1. Expedites the process to allow student access to labs quickly, typically within three working days.
  2. Reduces miscommunication. 
  3. Eliminates multiple email notifications related to other faculty members’ students.
  4. Provides the option to limit access to a designated time period vs. granting open-ended access.
  5. Gives ICTAS Facilities all necessary information in one simple step.
  6. Satisfies FERPA requirements.

We welcome feedback on this process. Please send any suggestions or questions to Any changes to the form or the process will be reflected on this website.

Instructions for PI/Supervisor Submitting Building Access Request for Students 


And that’s it! Your request will automatically be sent to the ICTAS Facilities staff for processing. An automatic email will be generated for the access request you submitted.

Please let us know of any problems you encounter. This system will be announced to all occupants (along with a separate set of instructions for requesters) once we have notified all approvers. Your students/employees should be granted access within three business days. Because the previous Request for Access was phased out by its provider, we will no longer be able to accept requests from the old building requests.

Access to Secure Spaces

All ICTAS labs are secured and require access through a Hokie Passport specific to the approved individual. Please note the following:

  • Do not share your Hokie Passport cards with anyone.
  • Please ensure secured doors close behind you.
  • Do not let anyone into the space unless you know who they are and know they have approved access.
  • If someone needs access to the space, they will need to work with their PI or Supervisor to request access as described above.
  • Do not prop open doors.

If you notice the door to your space is not closing properly, please send an email to

If someone you do not know requests entry to a space, please have them contact a PI or designee to arrange access.

Due to IP and ITAR restrictions, ICTAS Facilities staff will no longer provide entry for visitors or others requesting access to space without approval from the PI or designee.